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Cozet "Cozy" Sidney

Founder/CEO of Cozy’s Sweet Treats; a former Account Manager for a fortune 100 company, Cozet found herself exiting suddenly after almost 13 years to deal with a few health challenges and after being gone for over a year, Cozet was long-term disability medically retired. Realizing that it was a blessing in disguise, Cozet took the opportunity and the time off to deal with her health challenges.

Cozet has always baked; however, having to spend a lot of time at home healing and recuperating; Cozet used baking as a form of therapy and thru this process Cozy’s Sweet Treats was officially birthed. As owner of Cozy's Sweet Treats; her company's goal is to be the place where you can find unique and different types of sweet treats.

Cozet loves helping and supporting others and can often be found doing just that. Having endured all that she has gone THRU, Cozet truly believes that nothing JUST HAPPENS. Her belief is that God allowed her to go THRU all that she has endured so that she can be a blessing and an encouragement to those that she will ENCOUNTER on this journey called life!

Having survived 15 surgeries since 2010, indescribable pain that she often says she would not wish on her worst enemy and the recovery that comes with it; Cozet decided a long time ago to PRESS THRU with a SMILE knowing that if God allowed IT, HE would bring her THRU IT!! 4 years and 15 surgeries later, Cozet is working hard trying to recover, re-invent and get herself back to 100%.

Cozet holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and feels that the training and education she has obtained has been instrumental to her success as she continues to build this brand. Cozet currently resides in Fresno, Texas; a suburb of Houston with her soon-to-be hubby and business partner Todd Ross and their 3 puppy dawgs Bailey, Milo and Luckie.