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Customer Testimonials

I'd been watching Cozet post her goodies on Facebook for months. She posted this yummy lemon cookies one day and I thought, let me try them! I'm so glad I did. I purchased the lemon cookies and they were chewy, moist and everything my tastebuds could hope for. Cozet delivers great customer service and even met me to get my order. I will definitely book her for my sweet tooth in the future, as well as my holiday baking! Thanks Cozet!                                -Rashanda

Tea Cakes melt in your mouth! They are the perfect density and the taste is amazing! Love these cookies! Chocolate Chip are excellent as well!! Now I'm going to have to try them ALL!!


I did not bother you yesterday because of the situation but O.M.G. These Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious, but the Mounds Rum Cookies are even more sinfully delicious! I'm telling you, these cookies are off the chain!


OMG I don't know what words to use to describe how amazing Cozy's treats are. They are mouthwatering and delicious! I will definitely be ordering again soon!!


Cozy's Sweet treats are scrumptious!!!! You can't just take a sample! I took one bite and couldn't stop myself!!!They are as good as they look! The cookies are moist, tasteful, and filling! I had the pleasure of ordering several times! The Red Velvet Chocolate Chip w/walnuts are AMAZINGLY GREAT!! They're my favorite!!!! I also had the pleasure of ordering cookie platters for a birthday party. You can't go wrong with Cozy's sweet treats !!!!!         -Bra'Shae Bree

OMG, I am over here being greedy! These sweet treats are SO good!!! I have not had a good Tea Cake since my granny passed, they were perfect!! Thank you Cozet!


Okay, got my order in!! OMG I can't go hard in the pan like I want because I am working on this weight but I tasted them all. Coooooooooozy, these cookies are delicious sister!!!! Yes! Sam! I am about to get country and Real Texan for a moment! Yaaall oughta get soma deez cuuukies from this sister in Town. Okay I am back. Thank you kindly sister Cozy for he lovely order and lil extras and expedited shipping. You Rock!!

-J. Holmes                  

I have ordered several varieties of cookies. They have all been EXCELLENT! They are moist and chewy. They also make terrific gifts. I am hooked on the Almond Joy cookies!!!


I am a true supporter of Cozy's Sweet Treats! These treats are the best around. I have food

allergies so there are quite a few things I can not eat. Oh but Cozy's Lemon Cookies are the

bomb! I have not had & will not ever buy another grocery store cookie! Cozy's Sweet Treats are

made to order, fresh, & you can just taste the labor of love that has gone into making them.

Get some, you'll be glad you did!



What can I say; the Brookie's are the BEST cookie I have EVER had!!! Everything is SO moist

and melts in your mouth. Mmm mm good!



Cozy's Sweet Treats gets 2 thumbs up!! I placed my order at 11:30am and picked my cookies up

at 8pm! Now that's what I call impeccable customer service. I enjoyed every flavor that I

ordered. They were prepared and baked to perfection. Thank you So much Cozet for those

wonderful cookies. I will definitely be placing another order!

-M. Charles                      

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