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Cozy’s Sweet Treats; your one stop for homemade baked cookies, speciality cookies, adult cookies, pies, cobblers, homemade vanilla extract and speciality trail mix made with your cookie of choice.

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Cookie's Galore


Cozy's Sweet Treats....

What a great addition to the customer appreciation day. Thank you so much for your creativity in creating my signature cookies for my clients. I loved it all. Thank you so much.

Tangela Sanford - The BOSS in Beauty

Baby Shower? Bridal Party? Birthday Party? Corporate Event? Meeting? Customer Appreciations?

Order our signature cookies made to order just for you. Customize your cookies with the companies logo or the team colors. Call for more details.

We can't wait to hear about your event!


Choose (2) two of your favorite cookies and receive a dozen of 

our mini cookies for only


Cozy's Sweet Treats Testimonials

Cozy's Sweet Treats are the best, I asked her if she can make her famous cookies sugar free, and she delivered the best red velvet and brownie cookie I've tasted. If you're looking to cut down on your sugar in take, but want that same taste of a 'Regular' cookie, trust me Cozy's Sweet Treats is the way to go. - Ada

I am a true supporter of Cozy's Sweet Treats! These treats are the best around. I have food allergies so there are quite a few things I can not eat. Oh but Cozy's Lemon Cookies are the bomb! I have not had & will not ever buy another grocery store cookie! Cozy's Sweet Treats are made to order, fresh, & you can just taste the labor of love that has gone into making them. Get some, you'll be glad you did!! -Debra

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Cozy's Best Sellers

German Chocolate Cake Cookies

Almond Joy Cookies

The Brookie

1/2 Brownie

1/2 Chocolate Chip Cookie

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